New page alignment issues

i’ve installed grav and got it up and running with some basic tests.
I created my first page and when i flip between the home page and typography pages to my own page i notice that my page is not aligned with those supplied.
i tried copying some text from the Home page but still have the same problem

probably a trivial question but help approeciated.

@rb1604, A tad more info might help the community getting an idea of what is going on…

  • Theme used.
  • Filename of page (e.g. (Tells which template is being used.)
  • Content of page header
  • What do you mean by “my page is not aligned with those supplied”
  • What did you expect to see and what do you actually see?

Uhh no, please don’t dump everything you’ve got…

thanks for getting back and sorry for not being clearer…

this is a vanilla installation of grav without any changes to it so it is using Quark theme and which comes with two pages titled Home and Typography in the menu.

when i flip between these two pages the header (grav icon, site name and menu) remain in position and the body text of the page changes.

it also seems that if i copy one of these pages and change the body text then everything is ok and the header remains in the exactly same place

my issue is that if i create a new page from scratch the header info (grav icon, site name and menu moves slightly to the right in the browser (and back again when i go to one of the original pages) as if there is some extra css padding on the left of the page.

Are you copying content from Word or similar app? What’s your new page content?

Hi and thanks for looking,

Definitely not copying from a Word document.
I tried using the Grav editor to enter a single word or some text and also tried cut and paste from within the grav admin centre to copy from one of the provided pages.

i guess that i have found a solution by copying an existing page
but i am interested to know what the issue is.

I am using Windows 10 and XAMPP if that helps.

So if you copy a page and change content, all is good, but if you create new page with exact same template, then style is corrupt?

Yes that’s exactly the issue.

Do you have live example to check? I wonder how source code looks like and what CSS is loaded

I’m working on a local windows machine and since I raised the question I have been trying to use a skeleton to investigate Grav more closely.

Current situation is that I had to uninstall the entire set up and need to look at multi site so that I do more interesting stuff with many skeletons, partials and bootstrap.

I guess that this issue should be closed but many thanks for taking the time to assist,

Grav looks very powerful and less complex compared to some of the systems that I have been working with.

I’m also really amazed how flexible Grav is and 1-2 months since I’ve found it, I already have my first plugin for it.

Anyway, what I would do, inspect the source and CSS. There has to be some differences if content/layout looks different. Maybe that would give a hint where the issue is

@rb1604, Not seeing what happens, I’ll have to resort to guessing…

How much text does your new page contain? If it is not filling the height of the page there is no scrollbar. Pages Home/Typography do have scrollbars. Appearing/disappearing scrollbars cause a horizontal shift.

If you do have pages that do not fill the entire height of a page and you don’t wish to see the shift, you could add the following css to force the scrollbar to show.

body {
    overflow-y: scroll;

thanks very much for this.
Problem solved.

Posting here a solution and marking the post a solution would be nice :wink: Or was it overflow?

yes, overflow sorts it out.
apols to people for confusion
i will soon get the hang of the web site and the conventions here.