In debug mode email password in plain text


When i switch to debugger mode, site already online, i notice that if you have enabled Email plugin, in the email array you see the mail password in plain text, in my case the gmail, but could be any SMTP password ?
Is that true if i enable debugger on a online site, everybody can access the debug window ?
May be we can hide password or better debug mode only to specific IPs ?
I test always on local, but for this time i have to check something on the online site

Thanks for info

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or for plugin/theme dev field option like hideDebuger
— yaml
type: text
label: Your Mailchimp API KEY
hideDebuger: true

Debugger being on is for development purposes, so all configuration is displayed. Don’t have this on for production :slight_smile:

@rhukster yes i test always on local, but in some case you don’t have access to local dev and you want to check some debug online