Debug mode not working

Hi there,

In my system.yaml file, I have set debugger: enabled: true to try to start debug mode. However, the Grav debug menubar doesn’t show up for my site. I have checked the Chrome developer tools for JS errors, but there are none. Please help!

You’ve cleared your cache? Have you tried another browser? If you share the URL, I could see if it appears for me. I use the debug panel regularly, and it works for me in Chrome.

Thank you for the reply! Yes, I’ve cleared cache, restarted MAMP and used a different browser. Here is the link to the site. Do you need an admin login?

Ohmygod nevermind I got it!! I needed to go into the system configuration in the admin panel and switch it on there, editing the system.yaml file didn’t work for some reason.

Thanks though! Really appreciate it.

Glad you figured it out.