{{ dump(page.foo) }}

What’s the magic incantation to get this to work? All I get from this is whitespace (with or without the <pre> tags).

– sw

Should show up in the message tab of the debugger. So you have to turn the debugger on first.

Is there any way to put the debugger javascript junk at the beginning of the {{ assets.js() }} list? If I turn on the debugger, my menu gets messed up. I have a jQuery $(document).ready() function that sets up the menu.

– sw

I did what you suggested and I still don’t see it. I have
{{ dump(page.url) }} in my template (yeah, I know I don’t need dump with the .url attribute). No mention of it in the message tab or the twig tab.

make sure it’s inside the {% block %},{% endblock %} tags

This is what I have in my template:

{% block foo %}
     {{ dump(page) }}
{% endblock foo %}

and this is what I see in Messages:

Environment Name: localhost
array:2 [ 0 => "user://config" 1 => "system/config" ]
Check configuration timestamps from all configuration files.
Configuration checksum matches, using cached version.

Where’s the page dump?

– sw

Is that foo block actually rendered? put an <h1>Foo Block</h1> in it to ensure that is displayed.