The debug panel

When i am enable debug mode in the administrative part of the see, and on my website is not visible in the debug panel. What could be wrong?

  1. Clear the cache.
  2. Ensure JavaScript is enabled.
  3. Then we’ll see :slight_smile:

The theme could not include the proper javascript call. Try loading Antimatter for example, does it appear?

What means: Ensure JavaScript is enabled?
After enabling the debug mode, there are a few errors on the site, here are some of them:

Yes, I also have regularly these kinds of error when enabling the debug bar.

Not sure but I think the debugbar add its own jquery on the page thus conflicting with your own version of jquery.

My jquery this is

{% do assets.add('jquery') %}

I just have not worked form, I can not understand why I do everything like in skeleton: x-corporation, but when sending, produces a 404 error. Thought debugging help, but it does not work)))

Is jQuery loaded in the page? Is it loaded more than once?