Error "fetch failed" when trying to add images to a page

I need urgent help with an issue that happened after updating the admin panel. As for the title: when I try to add an image either by dropping it or opening it and then choosing it from my desktop, I have an error with these details:


The error happens even after cleaning the cache of Grav and of the Browser (FF and Chrome)
I also tried to login-logout, but to no avail.
I checked the report , which says: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24576 bytes) this is the verbose output:

     /var/www/vhosts/ Whoops\Run->handleError() 
     /var/www/vhosts/ Whoops\Run->handleShutdown() 
     [internal function]: Grav\Common\Errors\SystemFacade->handleShutdown() 

I then checked my PHP (ver 8.2.17) memory limit which is already set to 128M
The error also happens in another website which is not bilingual and uses Helium free Gantry 5 template.
Moreover, the error happened also using a previous PHP version (8.0.30)
Working in Mac Monterey, Rockettheme Zenith, Grav 1.7.45 Admin 1.10.45 PHP 8.2.17

Thanks in advance!

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Since my post hasn’t received any reply :roll_eyes: from the forum members, I worked on the issue myself, and I discovered just by chance that increasing the PHP memory limit to 256M solved the “fetch failed” problem.
I would’ve liked a bit more of help, though…

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From your initial post there was not much to suggest. The only useful info there was the memory exhausted error, but that doesn’t say much too. At least to me. I’ve read your post, but I didn’t even know what to ask.

Now I wonder how big was the image you tried to upload. Also, would this image be uploaded on older Admin version?

I always use webp images, thus it wasn’t really an issue with its size. As for the previous version of the plugin, I can’t give you a hint, because I’ve updated the admin plugin in all my grav websites, so can’t check this issue in other sites

I stopped reading after “I need urgent help”. Maybe if you had paid for a service or product including support that would be OK. Maybe it’s a second language thing, but please stop and consider next time how that might sound if you were volunteering your time to help strangers on the internet.

Also glad you solved your problem, seriously.

I required “urgent help” with a pet charity website that is free of charge. However, it seemed like only those who paid for the service were allowed to ask for urgent help in this forum.
After waiting for over a week without any response and finally finding a solution to the issue, I thought it would be useful for others in a similar situation to know that there is a way to resolve the problem.
Therefore, since GRAV is free, in the spirit of cooperation I posted my response for all GRAV users, regardless of whether they are paying for a service or not…

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Forgive me, I think I didn’t phrase my response well. I’m not saying anyone is expected to pay, there is no such option or expectation here anyway. But opening with that statement conveyed (to me) a sense of entitlement that could only be justified if you were owed. That doesn’t fit open source software and Grav being free (as in beer) is missing the point. Please be respectful and careful of sounding like you’re making demands.

I also would have ideally thanked you for following up by posting your solution. That’s more than some posters do, though ideally this would be considered normal. Thank you, sincerely!

Good luck finishing the site. There are plenty of smart people here who will be happy to answer polite and detailed questions :slight_smile: