Image Link Broken

I encountered a problem after loading my site on a server. The images in the body of a page appeared with a broken link.
two identical copies of the site are on two different servers and one displays the images correctly, the other does not.

The problem is visible directly from the administration when adding an image in the body of the page.

Note that the problem does not appear for images of blog posts.

View attachments and links below

Link doesn’t work :
Link work :

I think about a wrong url rewriting, but I made no changes between the two sites.


These are 2 different image URLs. See screenshot. Also the page content is different.

You are right the content of the page is different because changes have been made since the upload, including the image. However, this does not affect my problem. I load an image from the text editor of a page, the thumbnail is visible in the “page media” tool but the url is broken in the content block.

I did several tests on different servers, the problem only appears for this server.

The problem seems to be resolved. The hosting company has updated the php version and it works now !

Thanks for your attention, Regards