BrainTree Integration

Hi there guys. I am creating a site for a client and have two options for the backend: GravCMS and Meteor. The site will consist of a few static pages, a blog (maybe) and a shopping cart with paypal, stripe and cc payment options. The best option that is PCI compliant is BrainTree by PayPal. Meteor already has that as one of the addons. I was wondering if there is anything similar with GravCMS?

Any help or advice would be very appreciated.

You may want to take a look at FoxyCart ( They’re PCI compliant, support Braintree, and can integrate into any website.

Thanks speck for the suggestion, however I would rather not have my client pay extra for every purchase, since BrainTree already takes a hefty cut.

The Grav Shopping Cart Plugin, made by me, offers Paypal and Stripe.

Credit cards are processed by both Paypal and (of course) Stripe.

Flavio I just wish there is no checkout part but direct pop-up once you click “BUY” button :frowning: