I am missing something in config

I am getteing “Undefined index: dirname” as error - and I guess I missed some config somewhere. I get the error on archive pages - and the link is wrong it should contain ‘blog’ but it is missing, where do I define that?

The url looks like: http://site.dev/archives_month:apr_2015 but should be http://site.dev/blog/archives_month:apr_2015

I need some more information to know how to help.

Can you provide a url? or perhaps some more info about your setup? is this custom or based on a skeleton package of some kind? What theme are you using?

Here is the url for the site: http://tidskriftensekvenser.se/
And example url that fails: http://tidskriftensekvenser.se/archives_month:apr_2015 (should be http://tidskriftensekvenser.se/blog/archives_month:apr_2015)

I used https://github.com/getgrav/grav-skeleton-soraarticle-blog as a skeleton starting point.

Looks like a legitimate issue. I added an issue in the skeleton repo:


Just curious, do you have (if not, try to set)

   alias: '/blog'

in your system.yaml

yes, I have that.

Actually I found this issue! It’s a Grav bug that i’ve fixed in 0.9.26. Please try updating to that.

Ok, worked perfect! Thanks.