How translate etc the "Previous & Next post" buttons on a blog-item

At the bottom of the first blog-item page, there is a Previous post-button.
On the second blog-item page, there is a Next post-button and a Previous post-button, third page etc etc… Next-prev-blog-item-buttons


  1. Where can I translate the english Next / Previous text to site language ?
  2. How can I remove the pagination from specific pages ?

Example blog-page here

I’m totally stuck here - been reading documentation and testing all weekend. Anyone who could point me in the right direction of a language file ???

There is no language file for this, but it is possible to translate it, and also use multiple languages with it.
I see you are using Gantry5.
I will do my best in hacking together a solution for you:)

After a quick search I found that the Gantry language handling is here:

If you have a default language for example Swedish as “SE” inside Grav config you can do this.

  1. Copy this file …/grav/user/plugins/gantry5/admin/translations/en/nucleus.yaml.

  2. Create a new folder in …/grav/user/plugins/gantry5/admin/translations/ called “se” and paste nucleus.yaml in there.

  3. Edit …/translations/se/nucleus.yaml as you need.

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I have tested it in a couple of different ways and all of them worked! It was nice to actually know in case I need to translate some of my projects too.

Did it work for you?

I’ll try it rightaway - will keep you posted :slight_smile:

By the way…
Is it se or is it sv for Swedisd ?

You write se above, and in GRAV it is sv. Been working a lot with Joomla and there the code for Swedish Language: is sv-SE

I’m a bit confused - but I’ll try with SV first and see how goes…

The language code do not really matter as long as it matches the Grav configuration you specify. The 4 letter language code often refer to a dialect in a language. Like for Norwegian it is nb-NO and nn-NO. You might be right for Swedish to be SV, though for me SE is more logical? SV sounds more like Slovenia.

Just use SV unless you need more then one Swedish dialect.

Translation works like a charm. Just a roadmap if any other is in the same situation

  1. Make a new Gantry language folder (sv in my case)
\user\plugins\gantry5\admin  ranslations\sv\

2.Download and translate the english nucleus.yaml file.

\user\plugins\gantry5\admin  ranslations\en

3.Upload the translated file.

\user\plugins\gantry5\admin  ranslations\sv

Thats it - Thanks :slight_smile:

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