Gantry Helium based multilingual site

I’m using gantry helium theme.
I’ve already copied outlines, translated particles and assigned info betwen languages, but nothing.
There is only translated menu items, but not a full page content :frowning:
Maybe some other way to switching content between 3 languages?

Gantry is not fully multi-language compatible with Grav. This is a capability that needs to happen in Gantry framework itself. It’s something that is clearly needed and is on the roadmap for Gantry but not there yet.

Thanks for answer,
also many thanks to all your team for Grav CMS!
Hope the new update for Gantry will solve this very soon.

Hey MG1, if you need a solution for now. Make a subdomain of your active domain and name it en.yourdomain.
copy the whole Website from your active domain to the new Webserver folder. If youre done you can translate the Site into for example english. If youre done with that you can choose a flag image and put it to your header, then link the image to the en.yourdomain. On the en.yourdomain you have to do the same with the flag for your active language.

Its not the best way but i use it and its pretty easy once you get it.
Because Grav is so amazong fast, you wont even notice it.

Hope i could help you.

Hi there,

this is one approach of translating ;). Anybody know when the gantry is going to be multilingual???

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Some multi-language support was just added to Gantry!

Thank your very much! :wink: I was writing to Reggie of Rocktheme yesterday, he told me about it. You guys are pretty fast. Awesome!