How to use GitHub Pages for GRAV?

Jekyll blogging platform seems to be working nicely with the GitHub Pages:


What’s the easiest way to get a GRAV powered blog working in there?

GitHub pages is only for static pages. So no PHP support on there at all. Jekyll takes markdown and templates and generates static html pages, the result is not dynamic at all.

Grav is not a static file generator, its a flat-file CMS that needs PHP to run. Therefore it won’t run on GitHub pages.

However, there is a possibility that Grav could get a ‘generator’ mode in the future, although it would mean the resulting site is pretty limited compared to the dynamic capabilities it has now (live data integration, search, filtering, ajax, etc)

Oh, now I see
Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:


If you develop the site locally (say on localhost), you could generate static pages to upload by mirroring it.

wget --mirror localhost

Then upload the site wget dumps out to github pages just like any other static files.