Cached static site

Hi, I’ve been trying jekyll to make static sites, but It’s really missing the CMS side.

Could you use GRAV to make a staging server, make GRAV cache all it’s files to standard html/css/javascript/images to, then, upload that to a static files server?


Even though Grav can aggressively cache everything for optimal performance, it still runs through the core Grav PHP each request to build the page from those cached bits. This means that it wont generate static HTML pages like your used to with Jekyll. The plus side is that this is much more flexible and elegant than a Jekyll-based site.

You might want to look at this plugin though for even faster static-like performance benefits by caching the entire resulting page:

Thank you! I will check that out.

I believe in static sites not because of performance (only), but for their security and lack of maintenance (no security upgrades).

In my perfect work I would have a backend web CMS in one private server for the content creators/administrators, generate this static site to upload and update the production one in another dedicated public server (like what weebly does).

BTW, i have been working on plugin that provides static-like performance by caching entire pages: