Using GRAV + flatfile plugin locally and hosting online


I am completely new to GRAV. So far I love it. If I am in the wrong spot & a similar question has been posted already I apologise and moderator please remove this post or point me in the right direction.

So, I’m building a design repository site (it will contain a fairly large number of images that are to be used for community promotion). I would like to use a service like Netlify to host the website for free (Also free SSL, CDN so that’s nice). The problem is it’s a flatfile hosting, meaning no PHP and such so there is no option to run GRAV on there.

I just need the community to confirm that this scenario is doable (and propose a better solution if not):

  1. Create a local github repo and use MAMP to create a dev environment in which I can run GRAV (doing this so I can add images, tags, content more easily now and in the future than hardcoding it)
  2. Add my content, tags, images etc through GRAV
  3. Use a GRAV plugin that exports the final result into a flat-file only site
  4. Use GitHub + Netlify to host the flatfile website

My thinking: best of both world. Does it hold water or nah?
{Go easy on me, I’m a GRAV newb}

This is doable, but maybe choosing something like Hugo is more appropriate for a task like this where static file delivery of compiled HTML files is the main target.

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Thanks for the reply. I will look into Hugo more.