How to prevent all indexing of my GRAV on search engines

Is there a way to switch off all indexing of my website on google.
I am making a manual with personal information that users only get access to via a link after logging into intranet. However now when i do a search on google, the pages comes up.
So i am looking for a total blocking of indexing all content

@morten, This is not really related to Grav, but more related to search engines.

A wider search on the web returns quite a few sites with suggestions. To pick a few:

Hi. Thanks for your reply. Yes I am only used to Joomla and WordPress and they have a built in option to not index so was wondering if there was any.
I will look into your links. Thanks!
Regards Morten

@morten: if you use the sitemap plugin you can exclude pages so they won’t be in the index of Google. Also in the admin Panel, on every page in the “Options” tab, you find you can put a “Yes” beside “Sitemap ignore Page”


Wow. Super. Just what I was looking for