Grav shows pages that are not published on Google


We’re currently in a project where we have a lot of pages under development, these are tagged as,

Causing the website to not show up in our ‘Search’ module on the page and or the sitemap, but a rather strange thing is happening instead.

The pages are showing up on a brief Google Search and clicking on it opens this page up.

I was wondering if there is a possibility for us to use a tag to not include it in Google? This is particularly important in order to not spoil the current development and for the website to not look broken.

Warm Regards,

Not sure now, but I think some years ago I had to exclude some pages by using Google Console or one of their other products. Sorry, don’t remember now which product exactly

If you install the plugin “sitemap” you have an option to Include/exclude every page in the Sitemap. It’s at the bottom of the “Options” label for the page