Search engine indexing issue

When I set up a new site, the search engine indexed the URL like this:

So I added the slug, That fixed on the live site, but the search engine still show with /index/page, which I assume will update to correct URL’s

It, also indexing “Uncategorised” and “Open Menu”

Does anyone know how to block or exclude that?

Thank you

Again not enough info…
What are “Uncategorised” and “Open Menu”? What is the current result and what are trying to achieve exactly? What do you mean by

still show with /index/page

when you mentioned it shows


The search engine indexing the site

“Uncategoriesed” and “Open Menu” shows in search engine don’t know where it pulling from

When I click on it’s goes to 404:

So, I added slug, so on live site:

This is what showed up on search engines, which I see started to remove

Basically, the search engines should only index and any subpages
I only have 3 pages, so it should only show

Still don’t get it. What do you mean by search engine? Where do you check what is indexed? Do you have some sitemap? If so, what does it look like?

@ramraj just share the real domain of your website, it will be a lot easier for anyone to help you as we can just check ourselves!

It seems like Google search indexing has some old cache, some bad indexing is gone, so maybe it’s cleaning up slowly??

It might even take a month (or more) to reindex everything

The issue with the indexation of index.php in the URLs has been fixed so these will eventually be dropped from Google’s index.

So yeah, I’d give it a good month or so and then re-review how it’s indexed. It should clean itself up but just be sure to only put live completed pages/content so that you don’t run the risk of getting issues indexed by Google again.

Thank you @zigojacko @Karmalakas for your help

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