How to override content of from plugin Login

I want to overwrite the of the login-plugin

Thought it could be done by copying the file from user/plugin/login/pages to user/pages but it seems like I’m wrong with that

Do I have to copy the login template files from the plugin to my theme (otherwise I can’t choose it in the Admin?) and add a page in Admin or is there a better way?

Depends on what you want to do. You can configure the route in the plugin configuration to match any page created by you (see GitHub - getgrav/grav-plugin-login: Grav Login Plugin). The login plugin will then automatically redirect to this page for any login operations. It need to be a login form of course, so basically the login template or create your own template with a login form.

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I just want to change the content

# User Login


## User Login

I wondered why I can’t select the login template on a page in admin on default.
When I copy the login.html.twig into my theme, it’s selectable.

But anyway’s It seems like I’m overthinking that :laughing:

I will create a login template in my theme and change the content there, as you said.
Thank you! :smiley:

@rokun, Try copying /user/plugins/login/pages/ into subfolder /user/pages/login/

├── 01.home
│   └──
├── 02.typography
│   └──
└── login

In Grav, a page is always the combination of a folder and *.md file.


Thats it!
I didn’t add the /login/ folder in my /user/page/ folder!
Thank you :muscle: