Customize / override admin theme

Hey guys,

is it somehow possible to customize the admin plugin? I’m thinking of overriding template files, changing some styles for example.

You can change any of the the admin plugins theme files and styles by looking in the plugins > admin > themes > grav folder. It’s set up similarly to other GRAV themes, so you find what you’re looking for in there. Just keep in mind, any updates to the theme at that point will have to manual so you don’t overwrite your changes.

hey @retsoced, thanks for your reply.
yeah I know it’s possible to change files directly inside the plugin folder, but I was looking for a clean solution to keep it safe for updates.

copying template files to my theme folder, like it works with other plugins won’t work I guess… So is there any solution to customize the admin plugin safley?

Looking more at the Admin plugin, you can create your own theme for the admin section, which I assume would be safe from any updates. It has a default theme of Grav, but if you make a copy of it and give a new name, it seems like it would be the best way to do it.

You can select a new theme in the admin.yaml file. Ihaven’t tried it yet though…

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Hello, I am trying to customize only the backend login-page. I think it will not be a clean solution to copy the original theme. If my customers update the admin-plugin in the future, all other pages in the backend will not get style-updates.

Did anything change since the last year? Is there any cleaner solution?

Hey @Mirko, how did you manage to solve this issue?


Hey @kostasx I did not get any response to my question and wasn’t able to find another way.
I tried the solution of @retsoced and it worked, but I still think it is not the clean way because the whole admin plugin will get no updates in the future.
So I decided not to customize any admin-page.

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Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

The only update-safe way to customize the Admin is to create a plugin which extends or overrides Admin’s templates, and potentially overrides styling by use the same- or higher-level of specificity. Some examples of this include AdminIdenticons for simply overriding a partial, and AdminStyles for overriding styling without breaking it.

Beyond that you’d have to create a wholly customized Admin-plugin.

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