How to install Grav on FTP?

Hi, I have difficulties installing GRAV on a FTPserver. I copied the files of Grav-Admin via FileZilla on the ftp server. But when I go to that location on the FTP I just get all the maps and files instead of an installer that opens. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
This is what I get:

You need to copy the .htaccess-file from the webserver-configs-folder one level up. You need one in Grav’s root folder, which tells the server how to behave when viewing the site.

Thanks for the reply…
But the .htacces -file is already in the root folder. I tried copying the .htaces-file from the “webserver-configs-folder” to the root grav folder. but I get the same result Schermopname (232)

The issue might be with the server not interpreting it correctly, or not allowing overrides. Please consult this article in the docs.

I can’t tell from your screenshot what development environment you are using. Is this an apache-server you are uploading files to?

I put the zip fil in my root and unzipped it there…now it works