Install on server - 404

I’m trying out grav, and got it running locally with no problems, installing themes and plugins was pretty straightforward.

When i decided to move the files to web server i get 404 error. I tried moving de whole file an then moving the files to the root to avoid problems with the htaccess or hidden files as instructed, but the file is there and still not working.

If I install the basic grav unzipping directly in the web server i see the “grav is running” message but any click on the menu throws the 404 error

Its probably something basic but I can’t get it working. Any help that you can give me is appreciated

I’m on hostgator, on a shared hosting account

Thank you

Please double check to ensure you have an .htaccess file at the root of your Grav install. This is the file that has the URL rewrite rules in to support SEF style page urls.

BTW this might help: