How to go-live from localhost to hoster

Hi there. I’m at first time go-live!!
I have my cms in folder ‘grav-admin’, and the website shows at http://localhost/grav-admin/page-name and http://localhost/grav-admin for home page
Now i’m going to deply this from developement env to production (online). How can i get my site url like these ones: “http://domain/pagename” and http://domain for hp?
I need to wite some rewrite rules? regex? 301?
what folder paste in my hosting repository, and how? Thank you!

@hellen_sfms, Do you have a specific reason to keep folder ‘/grav-admin’ on the production server?

If not, you should only need to copy the contents from your ‘/grav-admin’ folder on localhost, to the production server.

If you do want to keep folder ‘/grav-admin’ on your production server, you can find some directions at Change the site URL

So copying only content of /grav-admin folder in root repository of hosting, correct? needs rules to set home page? index page?
Thank you


Disclaimer: I cannot give you any quarantees, because I don’t know the intrinsics of your website nor of your hosting environment that might require specific setup.

See Web Servers & Hosting for more information on several hosting environments.

Having said that…

In my experience of deploying a Grav website from Apache on localhost to Apache on a remote shared host, copying all files from inside /grav-admin will do.
I make no changes to /.htaccess or /index.php.

Tip: You might want to clear the cache beforehand using $ bin/grav clear.

And don’t forget to make a backup of your remote host if you are not doing a fresh installation.

Also, please allow yourself to make mistakes while learning :slight_smile:

i did it!!! :smiley: :smiley:
and i found no problem: using filezilla ftp client, i copied thecontent of /grav-admin folderinto the root of my localhost repository.
only fix some php version according to Grav requirements, and my new site is online. i can see my homepage just navigating the url of the domain
Thank you!!

Also, please allow yourself to make mistakes while learning :slight_smile:
So true.