How to disable cache

Hi all,
I have disabled caching everywhere, but nevertheless directories like ‘/cache/doctrine/16/0c/2f/45/8b/ac/7a/3d/…’ are created. How could I avoid the recreation of these directories?
The problem behind is: I have several directories on my shared webhost. I only have FTP Access. From time to time I want to download all the folders but it takes hours to download these files using FileZilla. Of course I don’t need to backup the cache files but as I have mutliple directories on my site, Grav is not in the main directory. So e.g. i have ‘Wordpress1’, ‘Wordpress2’, ‘SomeOtherFolder’, ‘1stGravInstall’, ‘2ndGravInstall’ etc. Due to the cache-structure of Grav I need to do the backups ‘manually’, so need to go to ‘1stGravInstall’ and select all subfolders except ‘cache’. Then I have to do the same for ‘2ndGravInstall’. This is somehow annoying.
Is it possible to change the cache setting so that these folders and files are not created? Or at least to change it so that the files are not created in 20 sub-sub-sub-… folders?

You can disable the page cache in your user/config/system.yaml file by setting:

  enabled: false

However, there are other caches that are required and can’t be turned off such as configuration compilation and twig cache. The Doctrine cache should only be tied in directly to that cache enabled setting, so once that’s off, you should not get files there.

You cannot change the directory structure of that, as that is an internal mechanism used by Doctrine to optimize caching and lookups.

Really your best bet is to use the CLI to clear the cache. Every shared hosting I’ve tested so far has SSH access, and if your hosting doesn’t you should look for another, because trying to maintain Grav over SFTP is simply not practical.