Running Grav inside of a Joomla site.. no cache updates

Not sure if this is a problem because I am running grav inside of a joomla site. Didn’t want to make a new domain for the first test. ( I have made changes to the first page. Followed the how to… to make a second page and updated via ftp and I still have my first default page. Nothing changed…

Have you tried clearing the cache manually with bin/grav clear-cache ? That would help identify if it is infact a cache-change detection thing, or something related to your ‘inside-joomla’ configuration.

I’m currently in a FTP only mode and can’t run commands.

Dale, even shared hosting 99% of the time provide SSH access. See the three shared hosting plans I wrote about in the documentation as they have detailed instructions on how to set it up. If your provider uses CPanel, the process will be similar to these.

That said, you can manually delete all the files in the cache/ folder via FTP. Be warned, this will be VERY SLOW!

im not in my office with the IP restrictions to my ISP. When I get in the office I will have that ability.

quick note before I finish in my clients location with the test. The cache directory is empty.

once I got home and got into SSH I found a problem with the php setup on the server. although in cpanel o setup the php for my webserver at 5.4, and grav accepted that I did it on the website. For some reason command line still sees me using 5.3. So there is a problem with the ISP and PHP setup. So they opened a ticket to figure it out. I will update when I get info

Not sure of your hosting company but here’s a couple of approaches that were needed for SiteGround and Arvixe to resolve the PHP 5.4 CLI issue yourself.

oh yes siteground… hmm let me looksee

ok I made the changes and now I can clear the cache. Clearing the cache did not fix the problem thou. I still see the original page and do not see the second page in the menu.

Clearing cache

Cleared: cache/twig/*
Cleared: cache/doctrine/*
Cleared: cache/compiled/*

Touched: /home/kennywal/public_html/grav/user/config/system.yaml

Is it possible to try outside of Joomla? It’s a bit of an unknown situation where you have multiple and potentially conflicting routing systems. That shouldn’t really effect cache changes thought.

Perhaps you should run through the SiteGround guide I wrote and linked to above? Maybe that will trigger something?

ya I will try it on a separate domain later on this week. thanks for the help!

Clearing cache works only if your cache files are using the same permissions as your shell user. Try to sudo the command and make sure all files in cache/ were deleted.