Is it allowed to delete the cache folder?

clear cache?

When I download my GRAV installation via FTP, it takes a very long time. The reason is the “cache” folder. This quickly inflates to over 100,000 files.
Why is this, and can I safely delete it from time to time?

@Henning007, A few alternative strategies:

  • You can safely run $ bin/grav cache on your remote site before downloading it. However… the first visitor hitting the site will get a performance penalty because the cache will be rebuild first.
  • Another option is to only download the /user folder because this folder contains all your site specific data, like pages, themes, plugins, configs, etc. All other folders are Grav itself and can be downloaded separately from ( ~18Mb)
  • And yet another option is to run zip -r <> . -x "cache/[^.]*" which will exclude the contents of the /cache folder. Since most of Grav is just code, the size of the zip will be approx 20% of the installed site.

Hello pamptbaau,
Thanks for the info, that’s good. I always download the whole domain to be sure.