Cache directory growing infinitely

I put up a plain site with just one word on the home page.

After one or two weeks I received a quote warning for the domain. The investigation of the folder showed that cache/doctrine is constantly growing. I cleared the cache in the admin panel, but I am weary that it (or Grav on other sites) could grow infinitely again.

Any idea what caused that behaviour and how to avoid that?

Did you try to remove the cache folder? (It will be regenerated automatically)

No, I did not try that yet, but will do it as soon as the folder is growing in size again.

How would the deletion of the folder hinder Grav from creating the cache files?

Also another thing you could do is to setup automatic purge (via scheduler) and have it clear cache on a monthly basis.

Thank you, that is also a good idea.

What really makes me wonder though is, why only this page keeps growing in size, while all other pages run seamlessly without any cache issues. Maybe I provided too few content on the site … LOL.

I just checked the configuration of the site and purging and clearing the standard cache folders was already active for 4:00 and 3:00 … weird. I just deactivated and reactivated the settings and switched from standard to all cache folders. Let’s see, whether this will have an effect.