PLS HELP! which folder i need for creating a submenu/dropdown

Hello everybody.
Actually I test the CMS “GRAV” and it is really fascinating.
But how I can create a submenu/dropdown?
I have the standardtheme “antimatter”, and i have enabled the dropdown-option in the antimatter.yaml and then? where i musst put the submenupage?

pls help and thank you for yiur answersHELP! which folder i need for creating a submenu/dropdown

You will need to FTP to you account and edit (change from false to true for dropdown) the antimatter.yaml file in your user/theme./antimatter Also you might need to go user/config/theme fold and enable that if the first one don’t work. I have working site at if you want to see. When you create a page, you need to choose the Page that your sub page as root. I hope I make sense out to this.

Thank you for your answer.
I know how I activate this feature, but in which Folder I must put the subpages, you know what I mean? :smiley:
I’ve in the folder xampp/htdocs/grav/user/pages 01.Home, 02.test and 03.About in this folders are a Where I must put the or Subpages-folder? For example I’d like under the Menupoint “test” a submenu/dropdownmenu-side with name “Test2”.

Oh you don’t need to do that. You can just create a page like you do but instead of Root you use 02.test as parent instead. It’s in the Advance tab. I mean why you want to use ftp to create a subpage when you can just do it from admin page.

Ah okay.
I’ve work without the admin-plugin, so I try with it.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’ve tested it and works finde. Thank you for help