Archive Plus in Gantry 5 Helium

Hi All,

first post here. Sorry, english is not my native language.

I’m new in Grav and also not a developer, rather an “advanced user”. I’d like to say that Grav is amazing. Completely different than any other CMS I used, and I feel like it’s written for me :slight_smile: Thanks for the developers!

I’d like to use the Archive Plus plugin in Gantry5 Helium theme within its Custom HTML particle, but unfortunately the result is empty.
I just put the contents of the archive_plus.html.twig into the code box of the custom html particle. That’s all.
The strange thing is that the same method works with Gantry5 Hydrogen theme.
You can check the results here:
Right side below “Archívum”

Maybe somebody could point me the right direction where I could find the root of this problem. I don’t know where to start…

Thank you!

Did you tick the Box Process Twig?

I’ve looked into it, and at what spot have you tried to input custom html content?
There are 2 places where you can input custom html :

  • one being at layout
  • the other one being at positions

For one or another reason the one in layout seems to always work for me, the other one in positions returned an empty block, like you have in your example.

So if you didn’t try to put the custom html inside of the layout option yet, do so, and let me know if it works for you :slight_smile:

I tried every combination of that options.

I used the layout option, so that’s not the problem. But thank you the tip.