How do i get the demo content of the hola skeleton package


i just install the grav-admin on a MAMP installation on macbookpro. Then i installed the hola package with the bin/gpm install hola command in the directory /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/grav-admin
The i changed the default theme to hola. But how can i get the demo contents like

Hi @raymccoy, you could copy the pages folder that is in the Hola skeleton ( to your own Grav site user folder (it will replace your existing page folder, so be sure to make a backup before you do this).

Please let me know if this works for you.

I didn’t copy the the full zip so now i got it working. Very nice template.!

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Hi guys,
I know this is an old thread, but I’m just having the same problem and didn’t want to start a new with the same question.

To get the demo contents just like in the preview I started with just copying the pages folder, like paulhibbitts said.But that didn’t work out so I copied the hole zip and renamed it to “user” - following its installation guide on github. First renamed my old user-folder to “user ORIGINAL”. But now I have all errors like attached. #

Don’t know what happened here! I’ll try around a little bit. But can anybody please tell me what exactly I have to do now to get a site just like the demo? Thanks in advance! :+1:

I have
Grav v1.6.31
Admin v1.9.19
Email v3.1.0
Error v1.7.1
Form v4.3.0
Login v3.3.8
Markdown Notices v1.1.0
Problems v2.0.3

Ok, now I managed to get all the right menus of demo-page. But still not have the content. There is error like that:

Actually I’m having too many menu entries. Anyway, how can I get the real demo content inside? Appreciate any help!