Grav-admin - Skeleton Pages Missing

Using Dreamhost, I previously managed to unzip “grav-skeleton-woo” and then add “grav-admin”.
In “admin-pages” I can seeing all the editable pages, as expected. However, repeating the process with the same skeleton on a different domain the pages are “not” displayed in “admin-pages”.

Repeated the install a few times - still no joy! Separately, if you install “Grav+admin” then add a theme, the same thing happens, none of the pages show up.

Any ideas , Thx

You need to ensure you download/unzip the skeleton package. This is linked in the downloads page, and also listed under the releases on GitHub. This is not the same as the .zip file available from the main page of the repo. That is purely the skeleton content files, and not the package. That’s my hunch at least :slight_smile: