Host Gator

I’m relatively new to web design/development. Grav is the first and only CMS i’ve worked with. I run my site locally via MAMP and it’s great. I’ve been able to create a simple site to suite my needs. I’m nearly done and I’m starting to look into hosting just so that I am ready when I get there. I bought a host gator account for a month cause it was like 8 bucks and I’ve been trying to publish my site with no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I installed and unzipped the grav+admin package in the webserver but can’t get it to work. I’ve changed the php version to 5.6. And every time I try to upload my site i get an unknown error. Thanks!

What do you mean “unknown error”? What’s happening, exactly?


I drag and drop my site and it immediately displays what’s in the screenshot.

Have you contacted Host Gator? Do they have any server logs you can look at. That’s sure not a very helpful error message.

Haha I agree! And I haven’t checked with them. I will now though.

I suggest uploading via FTP rather than via using their file uploading panel, as you’ll also need to unzip it.