Help needed to re-create the responsive theme header

I want to use grav quark as a blog for my website.

So, I’d like to know how to recreate quark responsive header and menu using js, css and html, so that I can use it on my existing website.

I want to know what js and css should I link to my existing website and what class and id should be used in the html to replicate the responsive header (including menu and logo) ?

@tabletpad, Am I understanding correctly that you are you asking the Grav community to spent time and effort to allow you to mimic the Quark header on your existing non-Grav website?

This forum is about Grav websites and not about making non-Grav websites look like a Grav website…

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You got it wrong , this is about grav default theme.

I’m asking what js,css and html id and class to use to replicate just the responsive header and menu.

If you have knowledge about how the default works, then it would be easy.

@tabletpad, Maybe I am wrong indeed…

Please have a look at topic Welcome to the Grav CMS Community Forums. It provides some guidelines when asking questions, like what info to include and showing what you have tried before asking the question.