Installing themes

hi im trying to install grayscale theme but nothing works can someone help me please im new to grav…tia

@designsbydesire, I’ve had a look at Grayscale and I have had troubles using it too.

  • When installing in a default Grav installation, it looks uhh sub-optimal…
  • When copying the demo data into the site, the home page looks as in the demo site.


  • Navigation links are defined in site.yaml and meant for the modular home page. This isn’t mentioned in the documentation.
  • It’s design is geared towards a single-page layout. Any page other then the home page, will have the same menu as the home page.
  • It is old (2015) and based on what Grav had to offer back then.

My suggestion:

  • Look for another more recent theme.
  • It kind of resembles the default Quark theme. Maybe some css tweaking might make it look like Grayscale.