Inserting particles into a page

I know how to insert particles into a Joomla page. I am currently experimenting with Grav.
Can you tell me how I can insert a particle into a Grav page, please?

I’m using the Helium Theme together with Gantry 5. I don’t want to add the particles via the layout page in Gantry, as I need specific particles only on specific pages and not all.
I’m thinking here of how particles are inserted in a page in Joomla using a gantry particle module. Is there anything like that?

Thanks for your help.


I have not seen a way yet to include a particle directly in a page. I know you said you did not want to use the layout tool as you wanted different particles on different pages but wouldn’t having different outlines to use on separate pages allow you to assign whatever particles you want to each outline?

Maybe I am wrong, just started using Gantry today so not totally familiar with how it works.

Hi @coolman01 ,

You can use the layout page, even if you need to add specific particles. At first, you have to create a page in Grav, and then, in Gantry you’ll need to duplicate the outline what you want (base outline for example). Finally, you’ll need to assign that outline with the page you want. Now, you already configure your specific particles via layout Gantry.

First Step: Create a new Page:

Second step: Create a new Outline


Third step: Assign that outline with your new page

Fourth step: Customize your layout via Gantry Panel. Insert the particles you want to show only in this page.

Nevertheless, you have an extended documentation in the Gantry Docs.

I hope I’ve helped.

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That is what I was thinking but was not sure it worked that way. Thank you for detailing the process.


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Hi pmoreno
Thank you very much for this detailed answer.
Apologies for not answering before, but I’ve been quite ill. Now is my time to get back into it!
Best regards