Helium Skeleton - Edit Home Page Content

I have successfully downloaded and installed the Helium Skeleton. However, I cannot figure out using the Grav Admin UI or by consulting the documentation on http://docs.gantry.org/ where in the UI I edit the home page content included in the Skeleton (e.g. “Build your beautiful theme, the way you want it, with Helium”). Pages > Home is empty and I cannot figure out where to edit the home page content.

Any guidance on where to edit and manage this content would be extremely appreciated.

That one is a particle in the Home - Particles outline. You need to go to the admin, switch to that outline, next go to the Layout Manager and edit interesting you particle.

Thank you @newkind

That is exactly what I was looking for. If the docs cover that, it must be buried… Seems like this should be pinned for other newbies to see:)