Thank You! and Presentation Theme Skeleton Error


First of all I wold like to thank you, and to tell you, you’re doing a wonderful job with Grav. I like this CMS. Keep up the good work and God bless you!

As an improvement suggestion, I have run into some trouble with a new instalation of Grav.

I have uploaded a skeleton with the Presentation theme files and it is not working - opening the first time admin registration screen - due to the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught RuntimeException: Could not find resource ‘views/layout.html.php’ in any resource paths.(searched: /home/labelsga/, /home/labelsga/…/Resources) in /home/labelsga/

I have checked, and the file is on the server in the specified location.
Recently I have upgraded the server to php74, as other installs of Grav required it for updates.

Thank You again!
God bless!

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@alin, The skeleton comes with old versions of Grav and themes/plugins…

Did you run the following commands to upgrade Grav and all plugins/themes?

bin/gpm selfupgrade
bin/gpm update

After running above commands, everything works fine in my installation…

Normally I’d chuck it up to something not registering with the plugin, but that’s not a normal template-reference. In Grav, they tend to be within templates/, and twig.html. That specific file is actually in the Whoops error-handler, which suggests the Error-plugin is incorrectly installed.

pamtbaau’s suggestion will remedy this, and I need to repackage the skeleton for the latest version of Grav.