Grav Virtual Host

Hello Andy, I have followed your tutorial Grav Development with Vagrant, and am stuck at the step Grav Virtual Host. Which IP should I use ?

From the post it looks like it’s No?

Yes, but I get this error: -bash: command not found

What do you need to do? The IP address is not a command.

I know, but the tutorial says:,

That’s the entry required for the local host file, not a UNIX command.

Oups, noob error. I just solved it with Gas Mask. Thanks !

This line you need to add in your OS host files, into linux/mac you found into


In windows i remember:


or nearly :confused:

Yup, the IP is just any valid private ip address. If this IP were to cause a conflict, you could change it to another, but you would have to update your hosts file with the appropriate IP.

BTW, Good to see you again Yves! It’s been too long!

Oh forgot to ask, aside from the IP question, any other issues with the Vagrant blog post instructions???

Sorry for the delay in responding, I had no other issue than my own ignorance :slight_smile: