Environment config for local development

I have a Grav site set up as sd-site.dev on my workstation, and have tried following these instructions to get an independent configuration set up for this that is different than the production site.

I’ve got a file user/sd-site.dev/config/system.yaml, but none of the values set in there seem to be taking any effect. Any ideas?

If you turn on the debbuger, you will get a bar at the bottom of your page, in the first messages tab it tells you the name of the environment as Grav has detected it. What does it say?

It’s saying the environment is localhost, but the address bar shows “http://sd-site.dev:3000/”.

Grav 1.1 fixed this problem

Okay, cool - is it almost out of beta?

Yes, will be released very soon

Excellent, cheers!