GRAV plugin which integrates Unleash Feature Flags for GitLab

The Featureflags Plugin integrates the Feature Flags Service for the DevOps plattform GitLab.

I use it myself for a multi-stage DevOps environment that spins up 3 environments with different feature flag settings out-of-the-box.

There’s a simple demo on the following three urls online:

Development has an IP protection which makes the site unreachable for you.

Staging has an PW protection which blocks the site with a login. Try name customer and password admin.

Production hides the website behind a splash-screen.

All these features have feature flag switches in GitLab so you can switch them on and off with just a click.

Read more in the of the open source github project: GitHub - johnnieclapper/grav-plugin-feature-flags: This plugin for GRAV CMS integrates the Unleash Feature Flag Service with GitLab

Everything works so far but I need feedback and use cases to improve the plugin. Therefore the release is flagged with pre-release. A production release is not far away though “with a little help from my friends” (said by The Beatles, not me).

Feel free to reach out if you want to see a demo, if you would like to suggest features, give feedback, contribute.

Have a great day. Cheers.