Grav page data text format after json fetch

Hey, I’m new to Grav.

I am using plugin called “Grav pages to data” which allows me to fetch whole page as json string.

To get all “pages” I simply get the names of the folders using php then store them into array.
After I’ll use that array. Encode it and turn it into javascript variable. Now I can use that data on Javascript.


Then I’ll just make $.Ajax calls for every page and fetch header, content and published-date. Everything works amazingly, but there is a problem with Grav text format.

Text: "Grav is so cool. " which makes text look bolded I suppose but only in Grav page.

I would like to use this text with those characters but turn them into “” tags. Or just use some simple reader to show text the way its created in Grav.

Long story short. I want to use Grav page data in other website and I want Grav text formatting to work because now its just a huge mess.

Thanks guys!

You can simply store your content in HTML in the Grav page rather than using markdown.

I am not the one who is creating the blog post in the future.

How could I use Grav markup in other page than Grav page?