Store and read data in grav

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can anybody give an example of how to use “Grav\Common\Data”. I want to store some information, but I can’t find any example of how to use it. Can somebody help?


I don’t use Grav\Common\Data but this is a sample code I use in my plugins to store things in data folder:

            $data = 'This is my data';
            $filename = 'my-file.txt';
            $dirname = 'my-directory';

            $locator = $this->grav['locator'];
            $path = $locator->findResource('user://data', true);
            $dir = $path . DS . $dirname;
            $fullFileName = $dir. DS . $filename;

            $file = File::instance($fullFileName);

Thanks for your response. But the way you are doing it is just writing to a file, or not? . I thought there is some kind of standard way to store the data and some sort of standard format(Json) that is provided by the API. :slight_smile:

A good way to learn how Grav works is to look at existing code, especially Grav team plugins.

I know the form plugin can store data in the user/data folder
Grav form plugin github line 4

But I am sure there are much more, and I guess you have a lot more experience with PHP than I do.

Maybe you could help me with this?:

Of course it writes to a file in user/data folder. You can use pure PHP instead as long as it works for you.

As I know there is no standards format, it is up to you for what format is used. For example the code below stores a YAML file.

        $filename = 'my-file' . YAML_EXT;
        $dirname = 'my-directory';

        $myArray = ['key1' => 'value1', 'key2' => 'value2'];
        $data = new Data\Data($myArray);
        $data->set('key3', 'value3');

        $file = CompiledYamlFile::instance($this->grav['locator']->findResource("user://data/" . $dirname . "/" . $filename));

The content of user/data/my-directory/my-file.yaml should be:

key1: value1
key2: value2
key3: value3

You can store the files in JSON, Markdown, Yaml by using the classes in system/src/Grav/Common/File/ folder. I haven’t used these classes as I only needed to store log files and CSV files.


I do not really know that much about Grav code base other than it is very extensible. But I was also hoping for a “standard way” to write things like that. But I can see you are right, and you know what you are doing.

Could maybe you take a quick look at:
From this post:

I guess it is an easy fix for some one who understands the logic.


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Check out flex-directory plugin:


Thanks Andy, i will check it out!