Is it possible to get all data available as json?

I am wondering if it would be possible to get all site data available as a json for example. I would like to use grav as a CMS but for the frontend I would like to build something myself with a javascript framework such as React.

It would be awesome if someone has some ideas or knows a plugin.

  • Ingvi

u mean smth like this:

Yes exactly, but I tried it already without any luck. This plugin has not been active for 11 months and there are some open issues without any feedback from the author so I thought I keep on searching. @ameo, do you have any experience with this plugin?

What issues do you mean ? I didn’t see any of them when visiting the hub.

Hey @mgsys you are right! What I meant to say is pull requests that have not been any actions taken on (merged, comments or closed). So I was wondering at all if the plugin was still working since Grav is growing fast and the plugin has not been further developed for such a long time.

btw. I managed to get the plugin working. The name of the directory was page-as-data-master and not just page-as-data. After renaming the plugin started to work.