Grav on local/custom domain from external drive

Hello, I am somewhat new to using Grav but am trying to start using it for all of my future projects.

Locally I run MAMP on apache port 80. Typically setup a virtual host using a custom/local domain. As example, instead of accessing site through ‘localhost/mysite’ I will use ‘mysite.local’.

This method works fine on a Grav site where the root of the site resides on my local hard drive. All the pages are accessible through the default URLs without changing any config through Grav. As example, URLs such as ‘mysite.local/about’ and ‘mysite.local/contact’ all direct to the proper page.

The problem comes into play when i try to store the Grav site on an external hard drive. The index/home page opens up properly, but any other URL gives a file not found error.

I’ve run plenty of non Grav websites and WordPress sites from an external drive by changing the document root to the proper filepath in my VirtualHost configuration of MAMP. Though for Grav, it is not working. I was wondering if anyone has advice? I’ve tried editing system.yaml ( but still no luck.