Grav for our Engineering Department


Our department asked the students to design a simple site for our department, basically a landing page and where the events and news can be updated (a blog). So I was initially going to use WordPress, but it has more functions than needed. I am really impressed by Grav and planning on using it.

So I would like to know whether the theme homepage (modular pages as Grav calls it) etc can be edited using the administrator panel? It would enable others in my department also to edit it in future.

Please give some suggestions or advise on this…



every theme content file (.md) can be edited using the admin.
Modular content, Blog content etc.
You can download and install a skeleton and admin panel and test local first.

Hello, you are welcome on Grav. Sure you can edit everything from the admin plugin panel, we update all our plugins for integrate with admin plugin for give the easy way for every enduser to update the site. If you have any other question you not shy to ask it, we are happy to reply :slight_smile: