How to make modular pages editable in admin panel

Hello everyone,
I am new to grav cms, I am a first time user, I ported my static html template to grav but the contents are not editable at the admin panel.
here’s markdown code:

title: ‘home’

hidemenu: true

subtitle: ‘veG- Your favourite street food just went Vegan!’

subtitle2: About us

para1: veG is an all-vegan street-food concept born from the growing demand of vegan options in a sister company.

subtitle3: What to expect

parag: offers the most popular choices of a traditional Irish chip shop without compromising on taste, We guarantee that our vegan menu can make any sceptic gain a new appreciation for vegan food, They are delicious, decadent and will dazzle vegans and non-vegans alike.

I need help making all the contents editable