Grav Cms Installation on sub domain

How to install grav cms on subdomain main domain have other site with html i need to install grav cms on subdomain like

Any one can have the solution please help me
I have tried with subfolder it was working well i.e

Nagaraju M

There are many ways to do this. What kind of server and host are you using?

I am using cpanel host and it’s multi dedicated server

Thanks, so probably Apache webserver. I don’t know how through CPanel. This is more a CPanel than a Grav question because you would set this up like any other Grav site except you set up the address as your subdomain instead of a domain.

Search for how to set up a site using a subdomain in CPanel.

Ok thanks Other sites working fine with subdomain only problem with grav cms when i am hit the sub-domain it will download the file as download to local system