How do I install a second independent website on the same Grav Server?

I have an Amazon AWS micro instance running Grav installed via ServerPilot. Everything works fine.

Is it possible to RUN A DIFFERENT WEBSITE (i.e. entirely different domain) on the same Grav Installation?
If yes how?

I read the multi-site installation notes in the Grav Manual but this only seems to refer to subdomain sites not entirely different sites.

I’ve never tried to do it, but the subdomain code should work as well fine for completely different domains. Try and let us know :slight_smile:

Hi, what @flaviocopes suggests should work. I use a variant of that file on my production server. In your case will then be mapped to user/sites/

As the above suggest, a subdomain is virtually a domain in its own right - it’s all about how the server interprets the domain for retrieving files from the server. I use and in local development, but the same setup would just as easily allow,, to be server from different (or the same) folders within sites - both locally and on my live webserver.