Grav Bitnami Stack

Hey all would be great if you took a 10 seconds from your busy day and voted for Grav to get its own Bitnami stack:

In case you don’t know, Bitnami allows a one click installer for web based applications such as Grav. If we can get enough votes it will ensure there’s a super simple way to get Grav installed on Windows, Mac, as well as Docker and VM images.


We need to vote? Invest in people. Get massive vote.
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Voted, as I use Bitnami (WAMP Stack) for all development now and a one-click installer would definitely be preferable to their current custom-app system of setting up hosts. If possible, an option for hierarchical/multisite would also be great, either on the Bitnami-installer end or within the admin-plugin as provisioning several sites is often needed.