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Hi all,

lately i am experimenting quite a bit with ai and automatization, probably the most known tools to use are and
I think for a CMS the possibility to connect with an AI-driven environment will be a cornerstone in the future and at one point clients will just expect some features like:
Creating content in my GPT > GPT action > export to Make > deliver to channels (website, social media, etc.)
My concern is that this will be in the near future one or maybe the most important reason for a decision towards one or the other CMS…

Obviously Wordpress already has a lot of integrations in this field ( / WordPress Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier / etc. ).
We have at least a Zapier-RSS (Site Toolbox | Grav CMS), but thats far from the features of WP.

To be honest, i dont know if GRAV as a “simple” flat file system maybe has advantages over a “complex” database driven system regarding automatization…
Simple example: Creating content in GPT > convert in markdown > download files > upload via FTP. Almost complete automated in very little time and with medium prompt knowledge (try to make that happen in Typo3 - good luck).

So, i have a couple questions for the community (and the developers):

  • Do you already automate GRAV-sites with ai - and how is it going (found your golden path already)?
  • Your thoughts about the importance of a CMS possibility to automate with tools (like Make or GPTs itself) - should that be a priority as a core feature?
  • (to the more tech savvy guys here) Is it technically even possible to go into that direction with GRAV? Your thoughts?
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I can only pinch in on the third bullet point from my personal perspective. If you have enough time and resources, you could make nearly any plugin you could think of. And even if you encounter some blockers, you can always submit a PR to admin or even core

Hello @sbstn , even further, not just with GPT, populate also images related to the GPT copy, generated with Leonardo, Midjourney or other, for instance. This possibility would accelerate the workflow. And one fantastic feature would be, based on an initial general guidelines provided for a website, using AI, be able to generate on the fly an skeleton, that then we could customize. Regards.