Easily convert HTML to Grav CMS - Question from a new user

Dear Grav people,
I’m a designer coming a Wordpress background, currently using Webflow as my go to HTML Editor. I don’t want to rely on Webflow hosting, as the costs to host multiple websites adds up quite quickly, so I usually export the code and use the HTML files.

Grav looks to be an amazing system and seems to be a great and affordable open source alternative.

My Question is, how difficult is it to adjust a normal HTML file to Grav?
Are there even things, such as converters (from HTML to Grav) for it?
Is there an easy/quickly to learn way?

Thanks for your answers!

@Tommyjolly, That largely depends on how ‘clean’ your exported pages look like. But I guess some custom code is required to parse the HTML into meta, content, styling and js and build Grav pages and templates from that.